Wedding Gifts Ideas on a Budget

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Wedding Presents on a BudgetWedding season is coming! Spring and summer are the seasons for more marriages than any other time of year and it’s around about now that invites start popping through the letterbox. There is of course nothing happier and more exciting than a couple getting married, and it’s always an honour and a pleasure to be invited to share in a friend or family member’s big day, but it can get pretty expensive!

Particularly if you have a lot of friends or a large family, the cost of attending all those weddings can soon mount up. That’s why it pays to be a little bit savvy when it comes to wedding gifts ideas to ensure that you can give the happy couple a present they deserve without bankrupting yourself in the process.

A good way to cut costs when it comes to choosing wedding presents is to consider opting for homemade, DIY gifts wherever possible. There is nothing more personal and special than something you have made especially for the bride and groom to be, and it’s a great way of saving some money too.

You could choose to make a scrapbook of pictures of the happy couple together for example; this is a really personal and thoughtful gift which does not have to cost much at all but which any couple will truly appreciate for the time, thoughtfulness and effort that has gone into compiling it.

Wedding Presents on a Budget

Perhaps the couple in question are struggling with certain aspects of their wedding planning, such as wedding favour ideas but you are a dab hand at crafts. In which case, you could put your crafty side to work and help them out with some handmade favours, saving them time and stress and contributing to their big day in a truly thoughtful way. Make sure the couple give you a brief and make sure you really know what you’re doing before you opt for this as a wedding present.

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