Jord Wood Watch-Ely Series

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I received this product for review purposes. Opinions are my own.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and If you are like me, you are desperately trying to find that perfect present for the one you love. After Christmas it’s hard to even think of yet another gift to buy because most of our ideas were already taken and gifted. The good news is we have a fresh new idea that is so original, it most likely has not already been bought.


Jord has a new line of wood watches and pictured here is the Ely Series in maple. This watch matches everything and makes a classy addition to any outfit. I love the way the wood brings out the shiny elements on the face of the watch. I think the Ely series in maple is great for a man and woman. They have a large variety of colors to choose from that will please everyone searching  for a great statement timepiece.


My favorite thing about this watch is how easy it is to put on myself. Usually every morning I waste at least 5 minutes struggling with my watch. Not anymore! The Jord Wood Watch has a button on the back which makes the band expand so you can easily slide your wrist inside. Once it’s on, just fold it back and click it in to place, within seconds I had my watch on and was ready to go!

DSC07326You’re favorite part might be that Jord is going to giveaway a wood watch from the Ely series in maple just like the one pictured above, to one of our luckiest readers. Enter below to win yours and don’t forget to check out their facebook here and their website here.


  1. tina reynolds says

    I would give it to my husband looks like something he would enjoy. It is a very nice unique looking style watch and he is such an outdoorsy guy so it just fits him.

  2. Georgia Beckman says

    I would definitely give this to my daughter. She HAS to have a watch on at all times & she is in need of a new one. I love the wood watches & think it will make a really unique gift.

  3. Bobbie Smith says

    I will definitely keep this watch for myself, it’s hard to find a good watch, and from what I have read about the Jord Wood watches, they are very good.

  4. Anna says

    If I won, I think I might give the watch to my brother. I think it is very quirky and unique but too big for my dainty wrist! Definitely a one-of-a-kind piece!

  5. Leslie C. says

    I would keep this watch for myself. It’s so beautiful, and my watch just broke yesterday. I think it would be a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for someone I have to take care of… That’s me!:)

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