Healthy and Practical Christmas Gifts for Kids

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One of the biggest difficulties surrounding the festive season is knowing what to buy your kids. Do you buy them the things you know that they need, but perhaps don’t necessarily want, like clothes or books? Or do you do the opposite, flower them with gifts that they’ll love, but don’t necessarily enrich their lives greatly, such as the latest gaming console? Well, fortunately there is a way that you can have the best of both worlds, by choosing gifts that not only get the approval of your kids, but also help their development and contribute to a healthier state of mind.



For many kids, books are a bit passé. And for all your good intentions, most children will be horribly disappointed if they open their presents on Christmas day only to find novel after novel. However, most kids these days love gadgets electronic devices. Unlike us, they grew up with them. So a Kindle is a fantastic solution for parents who want to give the gift of knowledge, but know that their children will not be impressed by a hardbound collection of Penguin classics.

Though there is something special about the feel of a real book, Kindles are incredibly good value given their practicality. If your child is a bit of a bookworm at heart, they can have literally hundreds of titles stored on one small device that – in their eyes – is as cool as it is informative. Kindles are widely available in stores, but you will most likely find one cheaper online from either Amazon or eBay.


Stereo Vinyl Skateboard Cyan White Multi Group

Fads come and go, but some things will always be cool. One of them is Skateboarding. Born out of the California surf culture of the 1950s, skateboarding has continually risen in popularity, particularly amongst kids. In fact, there is a total of roughly 19 million skateboarders in the world today, 85 percent of whom are under the age of 18. The main attraction for kids? It’s fun and it instantly makes you cooler. What’s in it for parents? Skateboarding is a very healthy pastime for your children both physically and emotionally.

Not only is it great for your kids’ physical fitness, but it also offers great opportunities for them to socialise with their peers, something that is so essential during their formative years. You’ll find skate shops just about everywhere. But again, buying online from a site such as The Skate Hut will probably get you a much better deal.

Your Kids Will Thank You

Of course, these are only suggestions. By all means, buy your children a Playstation 4 if you like. But if you do choose gifts that are more fulfilling and practical, you’ll thank yourself in years to come. And so will your kids.


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