Easy Last Minute Christmas Decorations

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 We have all been there, it’s the day before you have company for the holidays and you look around to find that there just isn’t enough Christmas cheer! So I have tried a few easy ideas for decorating with things you may already have around the house.

Easy Last Minute Christmas Decorations

Everyone has a fridge at their house and usually it is full of messy papers and since a refrigerator is huge, so is the mess it accumulates. Why not clean it off and decorate it for the holidays? Making your fridge into a snowman really cheers up your kitchen with very little effort. 

Easy Last Minute Christmas Decorations snowman fridge

The next easy and super cute idea from stuff you have lying around is to wrap a door. Any door! or Every door!

You can use some wrapping paper or just a few ribbons and a bow to make an entrance festive.wrapped door

Last but not least, this is my favorite! Everyone has a few wine glasses, right? Take a handful of ornaments and fill a wine glass with them. Turn it upside down and place your favorite candles on top. Add some ribbon or a bow for a more festive look.

wineglass candle If  you have ribbon, ornaments, and Christmas spirit  you can decorate your whole space quickly and for free! Happy Decorating and Merry Christmas!

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