Unusual gifts for someone special

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If you’re looking for an unusual gift for someone in your family who’s impossible to buy for, time to think outside the box a bit and go for an experiential gift. Giving an experience as a gift is a great way to surprise someone who doesn’t feel they need anything material or who is just super tricky to buy for, and it’s also a great way to potentially incorporate spending some quality time with them too.


Experiential gifts could be something that’s just for them to do on their own or something that you can enjoy with them. It could be something traditional and conventional, or something really out there and unusual, for example buying someone clairvoyant readings or a course of psychic lessons! If someone is interested in the spiritual side of life then a gift like this could be a fantastic surprise. It could also make a superb Halloween gift this year!

For more conventional gifts that still have that element of ‘doing’ something and experiencing something interesting and fun, you could give someone the gift of a pampering spa weekend for the both of you. It’s a great way to enjoy some relaxation and quality time together too.

Perhaps you’re trying to think of gift ideas for someone who likes to learn new skills, or is very craftsy, in which case a perfect present could be to treat them to a crafts day. Many arts and crafts stores now offer days for people to learn to make their own bags, jewelry, chocolate… you name it! A day like this makes a wonderful gift that you can enjoy along with the person you bought it for. What’s more, you’ll have souvenirs of your day to keep forever at the end of it.

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