Pumpkin Masters Products Review

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What it Is

Pumpkin carving and decorating kits and accessories. Available kits are:

  • Pumpkin Carving Kit
  • Carving Party Pumpkin Carving Kit
  • Surface Pumpkin Carving Kit
  • Decorating Punches Pumpkin Carving Kit
  • Paint & Carve Pumpkin Carving Kit
  • Jumbo Pumpkin Carving Kit
  • Pumpkin Patches Pumpkin Carving Kit
  • Spooky Stares Pumpkin Carving Tools
  • Bare Bones Pumpkin Carving ToolsIMG_7562[1]

Pumpkin Masters also has a nice variety of accessories and pumpkin lighting products like the Xtreme Strobe Clear LED Light.


  • There is something for everyone
  • Everything  you need to create fun, spooky, whimsical etc… pumpkins is included.
  • The tools provided are safer than using knives


  • Pumpkins not included!
  • Some of the carving tools seem a little flimsy. I’ve bent a couple but they haven’t broken.

What I Think

I love carving pumpkins even though I’m not very good at it. The patterns in the Pumpkin Masters carving kits range from easy to do (for people like me) to advanced for those with a steady hand, patience and spare time. My hands aren’t steady enough right now to carve anything, but Dameon has sure had fun with it!


Pumpkin Masters Products

  • Decorating Punches Tool Kit– New for 2013, create a more decorative pumpkin with six patterns, two punch tools, a saw, scraper scoop and poker.
  • Xtreme Strobe Lights– Also new this year, these L.E.D. operated lights are available with either a white or multicolored flashing light and are safer than candles and helps extend the life of your pumpkin. Batteries included.
  • Pumpkin Carving Kit– Twelve new patterns and five tools including two saws, scraper scoop, drill and pounce wheel. The tools are safer than kitchen knives which could cause a real Halloween horror story.
  • Kids Carving Kit– Easy-grip tools made specifically for small hands, it comes with four simple die cut patterns, eight eye inserts, a durasaw, scraper scoop and crayon.
  • Surface Carving Kit– Create a long-lasting display with an easy technique using three interchangeable carving tips, 12 patterns, one tool and pounce wheel.

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

Like picking out a Christmas tree, finding the perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch (try saying that five times fast) can be a challenge. How do you know it’s fresh? Is the shape good for carving? The experts from Pumpkin Masters share their tips for spotting a carveable pumpkin. Additionally, we’re happy to conduct a Q&A on the topic for your readers and provide carving and lighting kits as a giveaway.

Safety First, Carving Carefully – Did you know it’s safer to saw a pumpkin when you’re carving it, rather than slice? Pumpkin carving experts will provide tips on keeping your family safe this Halloween, including the best way to hold a pumpkin. For young carvers, try the Pumpkin Masters’ Kids Carving Kit with special tools designed for little hands.

Pumpkin Carving Party – Create a unique girl’s night out or invite the neighborhood kids over and host a Halloween-themed decorating party with inspiration from Pumpkin Masters’ Pinterest page. From pumpkin patterns and six decorations, to ideas for the perfect menu, the Pinterest page and Pumpkin Masters site has everything you’ll need to host the perfect party. Make sure to pick up Pumpkin Masters carving kits so guests can experiment and create intricate, decorative pumpkins.

IMG_7555[1]Pumpkins: Not Just to Scare the Neighbors – Beyond scary jack-o’-lanterns and traditional pumpkin carving creations, pumpkins can be used in many different ways this fall. Turn a pumpkin into a serving dish for your next dinner party, a vase for a fall flower arrangement, a beer cooler at a tailgate or an elegant lantern. Using Pumpkin Masters carving kits users can cut straight lines for a professional look.

Is Your Pumpkin a Show Stopper?

This Halloween don’t let your neighbors be the only ones to view your work of art. Pumpkin Masters is searching for carving talent as part of its annual Pumpkin Masters’ Carving Contest. Submit an image of your pumpkin on Facebook or Instagram using #PumpkinMasters2013 or email social@pumpkinmasters.com to enter for the chance to win one of six prizes, including $5,000 for the Best Pumpkin.

Contest and category details, as well as carving tips and carving kits can be found on the Pumpkin Masters’ site. Hurry and submit before Oct. 31! Visit the Pumpkin Masters Pinterest page for inspiration and PumpkinMasters.com for instructional carvingvideos, free patterns, an IPad app, and more and follow them on Facebook.

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