Mr. Costumes Review

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What it Is

Mr. Costumes Review

Detailed and intricate costumes and accessories from Mr. Costumes. The Zombie Hunter Kids Costume is a complete costume for your little Zombie Hunter. It is available in sizes 8-10, 10-12, and 12-14. It includes the following items:

  • jacket
  • t-shirt
  • Killer ax with skull sheath
  • hat
  • bullet belt

Materials used are:

Mr. Costumes Review (1)

The Beating Heart Flesh iWound is designed to pair with your Apple or Android device to deliver a semi-realistic wound. On its own it’s a gaping chest wound. When paired with the free Digital Dudz app the wound comes to life with a beating heart and sound effects. It’s made of


  • Affordable Costumes
  • These make a great “family” Halloween. Kids can be Zombie hunters with parents acting as the zombies!
  • The Zombie Hunter Kids Costume comes with everything needed to give the costume personality. Just add jeans, shoes and sunglasses.
  • The Beating Heart Flesh iWound is an easy and affordable way to create a scary costume – just add makeup and clothes
  • The app for the Beating Heart Flesh iWound is free


  • The hat for the Zombie Hunter Kids Costume runs a little small for my sons head. Granted he does have a big head!
  • The free Digital Dudz app may kill the battery before you’re readyMr. Costumes Review (2)

What I Think

My son absolutely loves the Zombie Hunter Kids Costume. He wants to wear it around the house all the time. He tried to sneak off to school with it a few times as well. He’s big on costumes with accessories and this comes with plenty to keep him entertained. Since this is his last year of Trick-or-Treating he wanted to do something great and when he saw this costume he just had to have it.

In a time where zombies are a huge thing this costume is fantastic. Not only will he be set apart from all the roaming zombies that will no doubt be Trick-or-Treating, he can interact as well. We’re already planning to make it a family affair with me wearing the Beating Heart Flesh iWound and zombie makeup. It’s going to be great! Perhaps I’ll have a leash like one of Michonne’s pets from The Walking Dead – I’d like to keep my bottom jaw and limbs though!


I think the Beating Heart Flesh iWound is great. I am a little worried about the battery life of my phone with the app but it’s great. You can zoom in and out and reposition the heart so it looks how you want it to. You can also turn the music on and off.

These costumes are sure to get plenty of attention and that’s what Halloween is all about! Standing out and having a great costume. The quality on both is great and these costumes will no doubt last for a couple more Halloween’s at least.



Check out the Mr. Costumes website for these costumes and so many more. They carry kids Halloween costumes, Adult Halloween Costumes (including couples and plus size) and more.


Be sure to connect with Mr. Costumes for year round costume fun!

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