A Greener Paper Towel

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Creating a healthier environment is important, and I know that most of us are still looking for a way to do our parts.  From light bulbs to no waste lunch boxes and bags, we’re all finding a way to help out.

Bambooee RollI was asked to review Bambooee, Reusable paper towels.  These paper towels can be washed up to 100 times and reused, and with every roll that is purchased, the company plants a tree.  So, if you buy just one roll, you’ve done two things to help the environment.

When I first got the Bambooee roll of paper towels, I was unsure how well they would actually hold up and work. They look just like regular paper towels… at first. Once I actually opened the package and felt one, I could see how different they are.

Each towel is super, super thick. You can’t rip them in half the way you could a regular paper towel, and they do a great job cleaning tough, big, wet messes – which is a huge plus! I did have to rescue a few from the garbage; Jay and the kids forgot that they were washable a few times!

Bambooee was founded in 2011 by Noam and Irene Krasniansky.  They were inspired by a conversation they were having in the kitchen of their home.  Noam told her husband that she no longer wanted to use paper towels, after learning that the rainforest in Brazil was only 7% intact.  It took her 2 years to find a replacement for paper towels that were made from a renewable resource, and these are the fruits of her labor. Bambooee was honored with the IHA Innovation award in 2012, and has since then won several more awards.


You can buy Bambooee paper towels in a 3 pack, 8 pack, or an entire roll.  The three pack will replace up to 42 regular paper towel rolls, which not only helps the environment, but also keeps money in your pocket.

The eight pack of towels, also comes with 8 Bambooee Sweeps for your duster mops.  There are a ton of great deals on these paper towels, so you should really check them out for yourself and find out which deal suits your needs the best.

So far, we have really been liking them! I have tried to not only use about 10 at a time. That gives us enough to keep in rotation with our cloth napkins, and leaves me with fresh, new ones still on the roll. This, I think, will make the entire roll last longer.

What have you replaced in your home to “go green?”  Have you replaced light bulbs, or tried something different?  Let me know in the comments!  Would you consider Bambooee?

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