Giving the Gift of Sleep with Pampers #DDDivas #DivasSleep #sponsored

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This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Ask a new mom what she wants most and 9 times out of 10 she’ll respond with “sleep”. If you’re a mom you know what I mean. Between diaper changes, feedings, and creaking floor boards sleep is almost non existent for any parent. So how do you give that most precious gift of sleep?

#DDDivas #DivasSleep #sponsoredBy interviewing over 9,000 moms about what was important for their baby, Pampers found the number one unmet need is a diaper that provides superior overnight dryness.  Pampers incorporated this firsthand insight, as well as the brand’s deep understanding of baby and baby’s needs, to design a diaper that both mom and baby can count on for up to 12 hours of overnight protection.

#DDDivas #DivasSleep #sponsored

Keeping baby dry at night is one of the best ways to give mom a few hours of much needed rest! That’s what I did with my friend Beth who has 2 kids at home and another on the way. I made up a basket to help her get some sleep when baby comes. Lavender baby wash, swaddling blanket, some toys, gripe water and, of course, Pampers diapers. I threw in some other goodies as well just to make sure she makes the most of her time.#DDDivas #DivasSleep #sponsoredgift_of_sleepPampers wants to continue to give the gift of sleep. They’re doing this not only by offering superior leak protection in their diapers, but by giving you the chance to win something great! Pampers wants to give you the gift of sleep (or for a new mom in your life.) One winner will receive:

  • a Sleep Sheep Sound Machine
  • Cozy Blankets for Mom and Baby
  • a $50 Gift Card

 To enter, use the entry form below.

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  1. Stacy Anders says

    Hmmm…The best tip, that’s a tough one. When my son was still nursing that would normally help him go right to sleep. Now though sometimes snuggles and rocking will help if he is having trouble going to sleep, and he has a special blanket that he loves.

  2. Kristin Sims says

    the best tip i have is to just try to keep the rest of the house quiet (almost impossible :), while the baby is sleeping, thanks!

  3. Crystal F says

    Both of my girls loved to have their bottoms patted. This worked every time to get them to go to sleep. Thank you!

  4. Jennifer Reed says

    My best tip to get baby to sleep is to tire the baby out with activity and also follow the same routine daily.

  5. Jill Myrick says

    A nice warm lavender bath, a gentle massage with lavender lotion and rocking slowly has always worked to help to ease my children to sleep.


  6. Elizabeth B says

    Best tip would be to let them figure out how to self soothe. It’s hard for the first few weeks or months, but pays dividends in the future!

  7. Crystal Smith says

    I was lucky and my kids were pretty good sleepers as babies but on those nights where they wouldnt give in to sleep (and ended up being terribly cranky lol) we resorted to two methods- driving around in the car (usually worked in about 10 mins lol) or it sounds weird but running the vacuum seemed to work really well- I think because it drowns out all other sounds that an over stimulated baby doesnt want to hear?

  8. Maria Iemma says

    My mother in law taught me to whisper words to the baby – same words over and over again. Sometimes it worked!

  9. Cynthia C says

    My baby swing was a life saver me when my kids were small. It’s the only thing that would soothe them to sleep.

  10. Kelly Nicholson says

    What’s your best tip to get baby to sleep?

    when i was a kid..i pat em on the back softly…it took a long time sometimes

  11. Maria Iemma says

    I always played classical music in the baby’s room at sleep time. It was much more soothing than the sound machines they sell today.

  12. Debra S says

    Well, for MOST babies, you feed them, burp them, swaddle them and they sleep!! LOL For SOME babies, and I had one.. nothing but NOTHING else worked like the swing. Oh yes, she just loved that swing. Perhaps it was because the swing’s back was more comfy- not just hard and flat like a crib is. but hey, she loved it so I was fine with it.

  13. Carla S says

    When you are rocking a baby to sleep , a glider rocker works the best because it is not as easy to jostle the baby.

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