How To Decorate Your Teenager’s Bedroom When They Leave For University

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When a teenager sets off for university, they often leave their room filled with all the stuff they don’t need. Though some people may have the space to leave it be, most households want to reclaim the space and make it useful.

Decorate Your Teenager's Bedroom When They Leave

If you’ve had enough of garish wall color and Che Guevara posters, here’s how to decorate your child’s room once they’ve flown the nest.

The spare room

If you have guests staying on a regular basis, one of the best uses for your new-found space is as an extra bedroom.

To make sure that your vacated offspring’s possessions are kept in good condition and don’t spill out into the rest of the room, you’ll probably need to invest in some storage units, many of which are available from Betta Living. Visit the site for more details.

The office

If you don’t need extra sleeping space and your child won’t need to use their room too often, you can transform the empty bedroom into a home office. Though this may feel like you’re removing your child from the home, you’ve got to use the space in the way that best suits you. Besides, you can kit it out with a sofa bed, so they’ll have the perfect place to sleep and study during their university holidays.

The shrine

Decorate Your Teenager's Bedroom When They Leave

For parents who can’t face that their kids have flown the nest, the temptation is to leave the bedroom exactly how it was the day that they set out into adult life. If you’ve got the space in your home to have an unused room, there’s no problem leaving it as it was, although you’ll probably find that the room begins to look dated and tatty before long.

The compromise

If your child is still going to be staying at home for long periods of time (in the holidays or at weekends), a good way to make sure that everyone’s happy is to decorate it together.

This could involve keeping their posters, but placing them in frames, or changing the wall color to a more neutral shade. Redecorating after a child has left home is never easy, so get them back to help you out – you’ll have the job done in no time!

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