Wondershare Video Editor Review

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I have edited some video clips recorded during the family picnic this year. I always thought that video editing is a daunting task until one of my friends recommended the Wondershare Video Editor. This user-friendly video editing software lets me seamlessly stitch all of my video clips, text and music together.video editor

I love the special effects in particular because I can easily apply them to my videos in literally minutes. Not to mentioned that the editing functions works very well even for someone like me who’s so inclined about editing my own videos. That’s also the primary reason as to why I’m so excited to share about my video editing experience with this Video Editor.

You’ll be given two options to choose from after launching or starting the software; either creating your project on a 16:9 widescreen or a standard 4:3. After that, I just have to drag-and-drop my video files onto the program and it’ll be automatically uploaded.

If you have the video files stored in your camera, simply attach it to your PC with the USB cable and repeat the drag-and-drop step to upload your files. Before I could edit my videos, I’ll need to drag the files onto the timeline first. Seconds later, I found myself starting to edit my own videos as if I actually know what I needed to do or click on.

Besides the basic or standard video editing functions like split, crop and trim; there is a whole list of texts, effects, transitions, intros or credits and sound to choose from. I’m pretty amazed with the amount of creative and fancy stuff that they have preset in the Video Editor. You definitely won’t run out of options. Once again, just drag them onto the timeline for application.

One thing that’s worth mentioning during my editing was that I’ve came to notice the software’s ability of editing video and audio files separately if required. It’s to the extent where I can edit the audio’s settings including detaching or muting the video clips and adding imported music of my own.

When I was done with the editing, the software prompted several methods as to how I wish to export my edited videos. This includes encoding the video into specific file format that’s compatible with almost any popular mobile phones or portable devices; direct upload or sharing onto YouTube or Facebook or creation of a DVD. Isn’t that thoughtful and wonderful?

This video editing software is really easy to use. If you’re interested in it, find out more information from HERE. I’ve also listed out some very good guides which I’ve referred to during my editing experience. Perhaps it’ll be handy for you too.


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