How to Stay in Touch with Family from Far Away

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At one time, when family was far away the only way to connect with them was through snail mail. This generally took a long time to arrive and sometimes never arrived at all. Thankfully, technology has changed all that. The advancements in technology include the internet, and the myriad of devices that are internet capable. These devices include, but are not limited to laptops, iPads, iPods, Kindle, iPhone, and, of course, desktops. You could also add regular landlines (phones) and mobile phones to the list.


The most reliable way, the way that has been around for ages is via snail mail. Whether you send regular letters or the occasional postcard, staying in touch this way is a classic. If postcards are your thing, be sure to check out a Signazon custom postcard which are a great way to say exactly what you want. 

The internet makes it easy to stay in touch with family members. If you would prefer to save on the cost of long-distance plans through your landline, you can simply use Skype. It is an internet accessible long distance calling service that enables you to call anyone in the world. You can choose one of the plans that they have to offer.

Other ways to keep in touch is via email, or even better yet, a webcam. This is a device that hooks up to your computer or laptop that takes pictures of you or your family when it is turned on. You will then be able to chat live with members of your family from around the world or send them the file through email. They will be able to download it and view it from the comfort of their own home.


One last way to connect with family in other parts of the world is by investing in a digital camera. This device permits you to take pictures or even make short movies that you can download onto a computer. Before you send any type of pictures online, contact your family member through an email to make sure that you have the correct email address. Doing this will ensure your privacy and safety as well.

Keeping in touch with family members from around the world is easy, once you have an internet connection to connect with them.




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    That’s one thing that I love about technology. How it’s allowed us to stay in touch with those that are far away. We’re lucky that most of our family is in the area, but my grandparents go south for the winter and I know that they love being able to get lots of updates on Nick.

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