Six Tips To Keep Your Teens Safe Behind

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A parent’s worst nightmare is to see their child injured or killed in a car accident. This is a very real threat as most young drivers do not have the sense or experience to operate their vehicle safely. The statistics for teen related crashes can be scary to look at, but there are steps you can take to help your teen.

In order to help your teen stay safe behind the wheel, it’s important that as a parent you equip your son or daughter with the knowledge they need to drive safely.

However, with these six tips, one can make sure that their child returns home safely every day.

Six Tips To Keep Your Teens Safe Behind The Wheel


Now, many parents trust their child to drive safely and follow the rules. This is not enough, and it is essential for a parent to sit down and write a contract that his or her child should sign. With this agreement, a kid can understand how dangerous the situation is and will likely follow the rules. Furthermore, with a contract, a parent should hold their end of the bargain up and take away driving privileges when the child makes a mistake. When establishing rules and policies early on, a parent can take matters into their hands and prevent most problems from occurring in the first place.

Text free app:

Many kids will use their smartphone while barreling down the freeway or highway. This presents a danger to the driver and other people on the road. Now, most kids will use their cell phone even when their parents urge them not to use it while driving. For this reason, a parent should buy a smartphone app that prevents his or her child from texting while driving. This is an excellent step one must take to prevent a child from causing an accident.


When taking driving classes, a kid can learn how to drive safely and without issue. Ideally, a parent should sign up for defensive driving classes and go with his or her child, if your car insurance company has a program specialized to provide young drivers car insurance, they may offer courses and / or information you can share with your teen. When going together, a mom or dad can learn with their child. With these classes, a child will learn how to drive safely and defensively while avoiding other bad drivers on the road.


During the middle of the night, the roads are not as safe since many people drive drunk past midnight. To avoid problems, a parent should forbid his or her child to drive in the middle of the night. In fact, a parent should tell his or her kid to stay at a friend’s house instead of heading down the road in the middle of the night.

No tolerance:

A person should never drink and drive. To work with a child, a parent should have a no tolerance policy with regards to drinking and driving. In fact, a smart mother or father should tell their parent to call home and get a ride if they have had anything to drink. Sadly, many kids fear their parents and try to make it home while under the influence.


Many teenagers drive an unsafe vehicle. When a person does not properly inflate their tires or take care of minor problems, they will have a hard time in the long run. To avoid problems, one should take their car in for regular maintenance and fix any small issues before they get out of hand. A smart parent should help out financially, so the child does not forego maintenance to save money.

With this six easy to follow tips, a person can protect their son or daughter while on the road. Otherwise, they will be vulnerable to accidents in the future.


  1. says

    These are such great tips to have on hand for new teen drivers! It’s so important to be paying attention and to be as safe as possible while driving. Thanks for this list!

  2. Mellisa says

    Great tips! I have a few years before either of my kids get behind the wheel but I know it will be hear before I know it.

  3. says

    So far our 17 year old daughter has had no interest in driving, and I’m okay with that, I know that when she’s ready it will be a smoother transition because she’ll be older and more mature, and we hopefully won’t have to deal with a lot of these issues.

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