4 Tips to Jazz Up Your Bathroom

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Are you tired of your boring and dull bathroom, but don’t have the funds for a renovation project? You don’t need to completely gut your bathroom to have stylish room. There are different ways that you can jazz up your bathroom without any major construction.

4 Tips to Jazz Up Your Bathroom

#1. Paint your Bathroom

One way to make your bathroom new without the expense and hassle of a bathroom renovation is to repaint it. If you aren’t sure what color you’d like to paint your bathroom, look online for different ideas. You can usually find a photo gallery that has examples of different color schemes. You can also choose paint colors based on the size of your bathroom. Light, cool colors can generally make a small bathroom feel larger, while rich, deep colors can make a larger bathroom feel warm and cozy. After you’ve done your research, go to your local home improvement store and find the perfect shade.

I made a simple sponge stencil in the shape of a sailboat to get the look in the picture above.

#2. Buy a New Shower Curtain

After you’ve painted your bathroom, a great way to jazz up your bathroom is to buy a new shower curtain. Shower curtains come in all sorts of trendy colors and patterns, and you can usually find the perfect print for relatively cheap. You can also purchase coordinating shower hooks or rings that add an extra touch of style to your bathroom. Even if you have some other sort of shower enclosure, such as a glass shower door, you can still hang a shower curtain for fashion’s sake.

#3. Purchase a Rug Set

Bathroom rugs can also add a touch of style to any bathroom. You can choose any style or print that matches your bathroom décor. The great thing about adding this to your bathroom is the fact that it’s low cost, which means you can switch to a different rug at any point without breaking the bank. You can decide to stick with a single rug, or you can purchase a set which usually includes a rug for the toilet as well. Match your hand towels with your rug for an even more stylish look.

#4. Accessorize

There are so many bathroom accessories available at different stores. You can find wall décor or storage items that are both functional and stylish. If you’re looking for a more unique look with a lower budget, consider trying some of those great DIY Pinterest ideas you’ve added to your “Wish I Could Do This” board. You can usually accessorize to make your bathroom the way you’ve always wanted it.


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    These are great tips for upgrading a bathroom without spending too much money. I love adding little accents or a new rug to our bathroom when it needs a little bit of a refresh. Thanks for these awesome tips!

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    Great ideas – and so affordable. We really want to change our faucets for a new updated look. We’re in no position to gut the whole bathroom, but those should help make it look a little bit fresh.

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