Encourage Kids to Brush

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We start teaching our kids to brush their teeth as soon as they’re old enough to hold the toothbrush. They aren’t always thrilled about it and getting them to do it on their own is nearly impossible. So, how do you encourage kids to brush? I have one simple yet effective solution for you:

Tell Them the Story of the Real Tooth Fairies

The Real Tooth Fairies

Kids love stories, and the Tooth Fairy was a big hit with our kids. We told them how every loose tooth falls out and when they put it under their pillow they get money. We also told them that cavities meant they owed the Tooth Fairy money. If they need help getting into the Tooth Fairy story there’s a great website to help them meet The Real Tooth FairiesAfter all, seeing is believing!

There are so many great activities taking place and you can watch the Real Tooth Fairies on YouTube to get a better feel for them. Heck, you can even follow The Real Tooth Fairies on Twitter; how neat is that?

Granted this site is geared more towards little girls it’s still a great motivator for kids to brush their teeth. They can take a fun quiz to get set up with their own personal Tooth Fairy. They can even get letters from the Tooth Fairy as well as see where those lost teeth go once the Tooth Fairies pick them up.

There are so many fun and entertaining ways to interact with The Real Tooth Fairies and tying them in with a healthy brushing habit can do wonders for your kids’ teeth! So, how do you think The Real Tooth Fairies will encourage your kids to brush? Do your kids know about the Tooth Fairy already?


  1. says

    My son is 16 and I still have to bug him to brush his teeth, my daughter who is 7 is as equally challenging. I don’t know why they think it is cool to get one by mom and not brush YUCK!

  2. Mellisa says

    This is so cute!!! My daughter is getting to the age where she will start losing her teeth so I will have to keep this in mind.

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