DIY Fall Decor: How to Create a Fall Focal Point

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I’m a sucker for seasonal decor. Now that we have a home with more space I was eager to create a fall focal point in my living room. I didn’t want anything too big or too overboard but I did want something to draw the eye and act as a conversation starter. What I came up with was a true fall focal point that consists of bales of hay, scarecrows and fall gourds.

#DIY Fall #Decor: How to Create a Fall Focal PointFor this fall focal point I utilized an otherwise unused corner in my living room and turned it into a fall scene. I forced myself outside of my comfort zone and spread a little hay around the area to give it that added oomph.

#DIY Fall #Decor: How to Create a Fall Focal Point

Recreating this fall focal point couldn’t be easier – and you can do it for pretty cheap too! I picked up everything I needed at Walmart and spent around $25 for everything in the picture. However, I’ve hunted down some DIY projects that will let you do it for even  less. Check it out:

#DIY Fall #Decor: How to Create a Fall Focal Point


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