5 Tips to Add Personality to a Tween’s Bedroom

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Tweens have a personality and style of their own. It can be hard to turn a tween’s bedroom into something they love. After all it was once a nursery, turned into a little boys/girls room, and now it’s time to turn it into a tween’s space that they will love. How can you accomplish this hard task? Follow these tips of course:

5 Tips to Add Personality to a Tween's Bedroom

#1. Involve Your Tween

If you want to add some personality to your tween’s room, then you need to involve them. This isn’t always easy, but it has to be done. Sit down with your son or daughter and ask them three words to describe their personality. This will help you narrow down the parts of the personality you want to add to the room.

#2. Don’t Forget the Walls

The walls are one of the key ways to take a room from child to tween. Shop with your son to buy new posters (Minecraft seems to be a huge thing now), get some fun and whimsical wall art, and consider non-typical  decor. Keep it fun and upbeat and don’t leave him out of the decision making process.

#3. Keep Some of Their Childhood

Turning into a tween doesn’t mean you need to throw out everything your son or daughter owns from their childhood. Allow them to keep a few things that will add character to their room. You can always turn a favorite blanket into a teddy bear to display. Take a picture of the kid room they once had and add it to the décor of the tween’s bedroom. As the tween gets older, you can remove these keepsake items.

#4. Use Their Favorite Colors

A person’s favorite colors are the perfect addition to any room. Color has the word personality written all over it. Choose items around the favorite colors. Not everything has to be a perfect match. Go with the flow when it comes to choosing items for your tween’s room. You can even use their favorite colors as focus points in the room. Put splashes of red on the wall, or blue and yellow stripes as a focus wall, or even peace signs around the room—you get the idea.

#5. Personalize the Bedding

When you walk into a room one of the first things you see is the bedding. When you are adding a bit of personality to a bedroom, you really want to focus on the bedding. The cool thing about bedding is that you can make your own or buy your own. Allow your tween to help pick out their own bedding because no one knows their personality better than them.

There are tons of fun ways to add personality to any tween’s bedroom. It just takes a bit of thinking and prodding to get input from your tween. Colors, bedding, parts of their childhood are all great ways to add personality to any tween’s room.


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    These are excellent tips and I am sure my oldest daughter (who is 9 going on 16) would agree. We have upgraded the room she shares with her little sister, but I think it is soon time to do that again.

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