Wikki Stix – Creative Play Without Bells and Whistles

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My children love checking the mail every day, because they know it’s going to be full of new adventures or something they have never seen. It was no different when a package of Wikki Stix came in the mail for me, thankfully I checked it first and stashed the box full of creativity in my truck until our recent camping trip.

Wikki Stix

If you have never heard of Wikki Stix, they are hand knitting yarn and wax. They adhere to almost all smooth surfaces and easily peel up and re-position. They can be used over and over, so I am keeping them hanging on a hook next to my front door for those “longer than usual car rides” makes it a quiet, fun, creative item to keep the kids occupied.

I used to only see Wikki Stix in restaurants which was a nice switch from the usual crayons and color pads. Now I am seeing them at most craft stores and online. They have TONs of new kits that I never knew about.

Wikki Stix

Here are a few that might come in handy to all of us parents, the prices are reasonable and the ordering is quick:

  • Party Favor pack – 15 party favors, each with Wikki Stix and a playsheet, great for favor bags $15.00
  • Valentine Fun Favors – 50 Wikki Stix Valentines , each with 8 Wikki Stix and a Valentines sheet. $25.00
  • Multi Sensory Resource – Ideal for special needs, kinesthetic learning and the autism spectrum

My only issue with the Wikki Stix is little ones. I am glad my girls are 5 and 6 years old, however I would worry about kids with oral fixation putting them in their mouths and chewing on them. I am certain the wax is not toxic, however the yarn could choke a younger child.

Wikki Stix

I sent my kids to a “not kid friendly” house today and sent a pack with them, so they had something to do while the adults were busy working. It is a perfect summer time activity that they don’t get to do all the time. However, a tip? Don’t leave them in the car, they melt.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Looks like you can do a lot with them. I love that Jen said she had them given to her at a restaurant what I neat idea.

  2. says

    they give these out at a restaurant we always go to (instead of coloring books) and the kids always love them. My hubby and I even ask for a set for ourselves, lol

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