The Perfect S’more – Review

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I received a large package in the mail two days before my annual camping trip and was thrilled when I pulled out the S’more maker.

It was a sign to make sure I packed marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers. Did I? Nope, totally forgot until I was 3 hours away from home staring at my unused S’more maker.

S'mores Grill

So yesterday my kids and I went into the backyard, broke out the fire pit and our ingredients and started making our s’mores. I fell in love with the recipes on the back of the instructions and tried things I had never tried with s’mores.

S’more with bananas – delish!

S’more with caramel sauce – sticky

Regular S’mores – perfect

S'mores Grill

Now, here are a few things I learned. When using the S’more maker, cut your marshmallows in half or you will break the graham cracker.

Instead of using half of a Hershey’s bar, only use ¼ of one. It is sooo gooey if you don’t; my poor son (who’s 18) hates to be sticky and had to run inside to wash his hands.

These are hands-down the BEST S’mores I have ever had. Everything cooks together, even the graham cracker, they are easy and perfect for cooking a large amount at once.

S'mores Grill

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Also, be sure to check out the adventurous, fun and delicious S’mores recipes from Coghlan. What better way to use your S’mores Maker than by trying something new? But, then again – you can’t go wrong with a classic either!


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