Sparkup Reader Review – Reading Taken to a New Level

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I was sitting in the airport the other day and saw two teenage girls curled up in those not so comfy seats, reading a book. They were enthralled and I realized that is what I hoped to teach my daughters with the Sparkup Reader that we got in the mail the day before.

The Sparkup Reader is amazing!

Here is how the Sparkup Reader works:


*Easily record yourself reading your child a book (it holds around 50 books)

*Your child chooses the book s/he wants to hear and clips it to the Sparkup and hits a button. The Sparkup will read the story to them and even knows when they skip pages or closes the book.

I was incredibly skeptical when I first read the directions, however once I got the hang of recording, I fell in love with the entire concept. This really works, this is so beautiful to watch my kids eyes light up when they hear me reading their favorite books.

Every night I record 1-2 books into the Sparkup Reader and every day when I get home my daughters have used the Sparkup Reader with at least one of those books. They lie on the floor, listen to my voice while I am at work and follow along in the book.


The Sparkup Reader would be a great multi-generational gift for a child. Have the grandparents, aunts or uncles reading a book on the Sparkup Reader and give it to the child for a birthday or a holiday with a stack of books to go with it. Give it as a baby shower gift with a few books already recorded. What better way to carry on a family bond than with them reading a book to a child that they rarely get to see?

The Sparkup Reader is available on the Sparkup website for $59.99. I think this price is amazing and plan on getting one for my nephew so when I do see his smiling face, he knows my voice and falls in love with reading like I did. You can also connect with Sparkup on Facebook & Twitter.


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