Recoil Cord Winders Review

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I got a simple new product in the mail a few days ago and somehow, me being from Colorado I had never heard of this company: Recoil or their Cord Management Systems.


I am busy and don’t have a ton of time to unravel things. Necklaces get tangled up? They get set aside until I can manage to get to them. Kids Ipod headphones get tangled up? They are going to have to figure out a way to use them or do it on their own.


Then, I started messing around with the Recoil Cord Winder. It’s so simple, loop, pull and it winds up the cord easily and quickly. Toss it into your laptop bag, backpack, etc and you can get all of your cords in one place without trying to untangle before you can use your headphones, charger, etc.

Check out this Recoil video

See? Simple and they have three sizes. My advice, spend the $28 and get the combo pack S, M, L. Then you have Recoil for your headphones, your charger and your laptop. All in one place, easy to use and store.

RecoilCollageIt is a great stocking stuffer for college kids. These kids are on the go so much, they need to have a place everything is simply kept and no mess. Get them a Recoil pack and some new headphones, they’ll be forever grateful. Now, if Recoil could just come up with a cool carrying case for these items so I can toss them in my bag and have them at my fingertips, it’d be perfect!

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