How to make the most of family holiday

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When you’re planning for a family holiday and you have young kids, it can be hard to remember that holidays are meant to be fun and relaxing – for everyone. And that includes you! If you wear yourself out trying to cover off every possible eventuality, the chances are you won’t be recharging in the way you should be when you get to your destination.


First things first – make sure you plan well. Researching and finding your perfect resort, hotel or villa months before your holiday dates is a good idea, not least because it will be cheaper, but also because it means you can put your mind at rest and look forward to the holiday.

Finding the best place to go can often be the most stressful part, as you wonder whether you’re getting value for money or whether there will be enough to keep the kids entertained for 10 days. The best way to go about it is to get the family together and, depending on how old your kids are, make it a fun family event to decide where you want to go.

If you are holidaying on a budget then it’s usually a good idea to stick to the easily accessible holiday resorts. Although you may feel a bit put off because of the package holiday label, you could find that this type of holiday will suit your needs best.

Destinations that are very popular with families are usually popular with good reason. Resort cities like Alicante may not be your first choice, but if you do a bit of research, you could find that you’ll be able to find a resort that offers everything you need for your family and isn’t too expensive.

8623006One of the major highlights of taking a family holiday in a resort town is the convenience. You will be near a beach and you will have access to swimming pools, organized activities, lots of restaurants and eating places with food varying from English (for those fussy eaters in the family) to traditional Spanish cuisine.

Traveling around while there is also easy, with excellent public buses and plenty of taxis and organized trips with transport included. You can also save a lot on flights by spending some time searching online for cheap flights to Alicante from Newcastle or any other major UK airport. There are plenty of great deals available and it’s definitely worth putting the time in.

Finding out about the kid’s facilities at your chosen resort will do much to put your mind at rest and will give you a heads up on the kind of stuff you need to pack. You want to pack as lightly as you practically can – it’s not the time to be lugging huge suitcases around. Buy your kids a small suitcase of their own and pack it with them, working together to make sure everything is included.


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    We go on a lot more vacations then I did when we were young but I’m finding as the kids get older they are more interested in staying home so sometimes finding something everyone will enjoy is tough. Thanks for the tips.

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