Dad Tips: How to Survive Bra Shopping with a Daughter

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The other day I received a package and like any other package I opened it. My son sat eagerly by waiting to see what was in the box. When I pulled out the Genie Bra products I was sent to review he asked “What are those for?”

Not today son, not today.

While I stumbled over my words – trying to find the least embarrassing {for him} explanation possible – I remembered a childhood shopping trip with my step dad. It was a trip most young girls dread – especially when they’re shopping with a dad. You know – the first bra trip. I was 11 years old and it was the early 90’s. All the girls had bras and I was ready to join the group of cool kids. Honestly I just wanted to fit in with those cool kids and not be the last girl in school to have a bra.

That shopping trip was beyond mortifying for me mainly because my dad wanted to keep pointing out bras and to me that was just the most uncool thing ever. Remembering that story leads me into this post, a post to help those dads who are taking their daughters bra shopping. Whether it’s the first time or the hundredth these are tips to help you make it out of the trip with as little awkwardness as possible.

Dad Tip: How to Survive Bra Shopping with a Daughter


  • Discuss the shopping trip beforehand, in vague detail. Decide if she wants you by her side or not.
  • If this is a first bra pick up a Seventeen, Cosmo Girl or some other teen mag that talks about bra’s.
  • Set guidelines before heading to the store. Are there colors or styles that are off-limits?
  • Ask a lady friend your daughter trust to go with you to the store. If no one is available quietly ask a sales woman to help your daughter with sizing, padding and fitting.
  • Have an escape plan ready. If she looks like she’s getting embarrassed or uneasy have a signal for you to bail. Whether it’s wiping her nose, snorting like a pig or her screaming at you to leave. Head over to get some socks or something manly until she can calm down.


  • Don’t offer to help more than once, and only if she is open to it.
  • Don’t hold bra’s up to your chest and ask: “How about this one?”
  • Don’t brag to everyone that your daughters breast have “sprouted” and it’s time for her first bra.
  • Don’t tease or make-fun of bras, call them “over the shoulder boulder holders” or a “brassiere”… especially in public.
  • Don’t feel bad if she’s not completely bonding with you over this. Don’t worry – next you’ll be shopping for maxi-pads and/or tampons…

Believe it or not a dad taking a daughter bra shopping doesn’t have to be completely awkward. Every father daughter relationship is different and who knows – yours may be one that makes bra shopping fun and easy. If not, hopefully these tips help. If you find yourself stuck on where to go to shop for bras, Walmart may be a good place to start. If your daughter needs a fitting finding a department store or specialty shop that does sizing.

Genie Bra

The Genie Bra products I received for the purpose of this post are great. They don’t need a specialized fitting – just knowing what size top you wear. They fit more like a sports bra which make them perfect for gym days and girls active in sports. They’re available in multiple sizes and colors, with and without padding and are made for girls of all ages and sizes. You definitely want to check out the Water Color Collection – they’re gorgeous!

Genie Bra

Along with the Genie Bra I also received Slim & Tone Leggings – which are great for us older girls who have a little extra jiggle in our legs. They’re so comfortable and keep the jiggle hidden – yay! They’re also perfect for keeping things modest ;)

Genie has all of  a girls underwear needs covered. Bras, leggings, briefs and even cami’s! The best part is you can find Genie products at Walmart or online. Also – be sure to connect with Genie on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest!



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    I just tried to visualize my husband taking our youngest child and only daughter bra shopping some day. Oh that would be funny. He would be that crazy dad that would make her want to climb under a clothes rack and hide.

  2. says

    I totally had to do bra shopping with my Dad, since my parents were divorced and I lived with him (we lived across the country from my Mom). Actually, he was the one who mentioned that I finally needed one. Talk about embarrassed. Although I am sure he was more so. Tough being a single Dad with a little girl.

  3. says

    My dad would have fallen into the don’t list… after all when he took me out for my 13th bday and I asked for a Strawberry Daq the waiter said “Virgin or Non-virgin” my dad thought it would be funny to say “I don’t know emily – ARE you a viirgin?” Yep… awesome!

  4. Anonymous says

    Ugh — I would NOT do that kind of shopping with my dad. That would have been cruel and unusual punishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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