Growth Chart Art – Beautiful way to grow

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I received two beautiful pieces of art from Growth Chart Art to review and am having a very hard time trying to find a place to put there that will do them justice. These are beautiful, functional pieces of art.


Kids enjoy measuring themselves to see progress from year to year, or to see who is taller than the other. They like to remember when they were little like the littlest sister and when she was even smaller and barely walking. It is an accomplishment for them, a way of showing that they are indeed eating their vegetables and getting enough protein to help their muscles grow.

The artwork on these growth charts are one of a kind. They are classy and high end, sealed so the paint won’t stain or run, kids can run their grimy hands on them and Mom can come along behind and wipe it off. I was so impressed by the size, the weight and the vibrancy of these paintings. These are the types of charts I want in each of my kid’s rooms. These are the types of growth charts that will grow with them and follow them to their own homes when they have families.


We received the Tall Tree of Life – Children’s Growth chart – Flower Blossom. This Tree of Life wooden growth chart is made of Baltic birch plywood (the most sustainable plywood around), soy based inks, and finished with a whey based coating. Measures: 58″ long x 8.75″ wide x 3/8″ deep.


They can be personalized with your child’s name and there have so many sizes/styles to choose from. Surfboards, trees, guitars, Rulers and baseball bats, there is something for every family.

The price starts out at $55-$160. It can be expensive, however as a baby shower gift, this is a beautiful, original piece sure to WOW new parents every time.


Make sure you check them out at their blog or any of these other sites

Website: Growth Chart Art

Facebook: Growth Chart Art

Twitter: @GrowthChartArt




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