Creating a showplace in your home

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Most women love to decorate their homes. It is a passion we all share when it comes to making our house a home. Finding new and unique ways to make our home look amazing is a task that can be very daunting. Whether it’s because of money, time or just indecision, designing your home’s interior can take a while. Here are a few ideas to help you decorate your home with style.

Some people like to use a theme for their decorating style. These can be great so long as you go for something really unique and not something that has been done over and over by everyone you know.



Do you like the Renaissance era? Focus on Renaissance-type furniture and add some styling touches like hanging masks from Venetian Mask Society on your walls. Have a bookcase full of Shakespeare writings. Hanging a varied assortment of masks on your walls and having some art and writing will give you some really great pieces to talk about when friends visit.


There are more traditional themes to choose from, such as a Oriental theme. You can buy Oriental art work relatively cheap in many places. Some you can even get from your local antique shops that are really nice and have a vintage look to them. From screens to wall art and even furniture that will double as storage, you can create a look that you will be proud of.

Minimal and modern

Some people like the more modern look with lots of clean lines, open spaces, glass, shapes and neutral colors as well as a minimalist decor. Stainless steel is also used a lot in creating a modern look to your home. There are even decorated stainless steel tiles to be used on your kitchen walls.


A classical decor will give you a look that mixes the new with the old world fashions. From French, ancient Greece to Oriental and others, you can create a space that is a true showroom for style and class. This can of course be a little more expensive, unless you really shop well.

Interior-Decorating-Ideas-SofasIf your budget doesn’t allow for any extravagant expenses, you can always use some of these cheap decorating ideas to make your changes and still be happy with it.

• Painting the space you want to change can make a drastic difference.

• New lighting can change the ambiance in the room

• Throw rugs or area rugs can help make a room look more comfortable.

• Add a few plants or flowers

• Rearrange the furniture to make for a better or at least new room.

• Organize your clutter and get rid of anything that just lays around.

• Use bold colors to accentuate

No matter what you choose as a decor for your home, it should reflect you and your family as a whole. It should really have a lived in feel to it, even if it is a simple clean look. A hodge podge of this and that should be avoided if you really want it to look good and not over cluttered. Keeping collections and knick knacks up on shelves is a good idea. Plus if you have children, this will keep them from being broken as well.


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