Just Pretend Kids is loved by ALL ages – Review

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Last week I opened a soft fluffy package from the lovely people at Justpretendkids.com. Since then, if anyone took a photo of my child while she slept, they would think that I keep the house too cold or that Colorado really doesn’t get above 60 degrees.

What I should tell them is she got a new scarf and hasn’t been willing to take it off all weekend.


She opened the pink, incredibly soft pig scarf and immediately shoved her hands in the gloves and wrapped it around her neck in a blissful happy purr. Since then she wears it to go to the store, check the mail and even right after she gets out of the shower.

The only thing that would make this scarf better is if it was a scarf/hat together so I could have an all in one and no one would lose their blasted items all over the place.


My daughter is 12 years old and as you can tell she loves this scarf, I know my little girls love it just as much, so it would be a perfect gift for the upcoming colder weather for any age group.

If you are looking for tutus, wings, or costumes check out the amazing items they have at Just Pretend Kids. It would be a great place to find things before the mad rush of the holidays start-up.

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