Free Printable Minecraft Chore Chart

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Tell me I’m not the only parent in the world with a child obsessed with Minecraft. It’s all I hear about all. day. long. Creepers this, testificates that. Build this, destroy that. When we bought the game for our son last year we had no idea how wrapped up in it he would get. We had to put a limit on the amount of game time he gets because it started to interfere with, well, everything. Between playing and watching videos about Minecraft that’s what his world began to revolve around.Minecraft

So, to take the torture out of limiting his game time I came up with this free printable Minecraft Chore Chart. This chart lets him earn his playtime with a few set boundaries. There are ground rules:

  1. There is no more than 1 hour daily of playtime available during the school week.
  2. Play time does not roll-over to the next week; he can play all at once or save up for the weekend – after the weekend the count resets.
  3. Acting out or misbehaving will lead to a deduction of 10 minutes of playtime for the 1st offense, 20 for the 2nd and game time for the week is completely gone for the 3rd offense.
  4. When game time is up there is to be no arguing, whining or pouting. When the egg timer dings the game goes off.
  5. Extra game time may be earned or rewarded as mom and dad see fit.

Free Printable Minecraft Chore Chart

We sat down together to discuss the ground rules and everyone agrees they’re fair. So far things are going smoothly and thankfully he’s found other things to do and talk about besides Minecraft. He loves the game too much for me to take it away completely, and this way he’s earning his game time which is way better and more meaningful than just having it.

Get the Free Printable Minecraft Chore Chart

Click here to download and/or print the Pre-filled chore chart above

Click here to download and/or print the blank chart (add your own chores)

Set the amount of time for each or all the chores that they earn. We do 15 minutes per chore but that can easily be increased or decreased.

*Bonus: This could help with math skills/time telling too!

Tell Us: Do you have a child obsessed with Minecraft?


  1. Leslie says

    Oh wow! I’m not alone! It’s so reassuring to me just knowing other parents are going through the same thing I am. As I was reading the blog and comments I felt like you all were describing my son. He gets exactly the same way as the other children. Thank you for the suggestions! I’ve been limiting my son (almost (ten) to 2 hours per day but it still seemed like too much. I’m lowering it now. Thank you again!

  2. Angelina says

    I have two (way too young to be obsessed) boys totally wrapped up in Minecraft and this is exactly what I was looking for to get them to earn the privilege to play, instead of live and breath it as a ‘right’! Thanks!

  3. Pam says

    My son is completely obsessed with minecraft and often times when I tell him it’s time to get off he throws a complete tantrum saying how “my life sucks!” “I hate you” and many other things. I am definitely going to try this chart hopeful that it helps because now he only keeps getting grounded for it.

    • Allison says

      My son does the same thing! And during his tantrum, he says the same thing too “My life sucks!” Wow. That game must be a drug…

  4. Erin says

    Not only are both of boys, 15 & 12, consumed, my 8 & 9 year old daughters are too, lol…coming up w/ ways to keep my 12 yr old from having a meltdown when I realize he’s about to enter a Minecraft coma is a challenge and I REALLY appreciate this idea! You’re awesome:-)

  5. says

    Yes, my son is obsessed! I even spent two hours the other night making him a foam sword! Hey, I got a blog post out of it at least, lol! I’ll have to print this out for him, he’ll love it!

  6. says

    Oh my goodness! I need this so badly for my boys!! They both love to play minecraft, but they get so zoned! And of course when I say it’s time to put it away, they freak out and have a complete meltdown! I do not like it. And we try to limit them to only a few hours on weekends. I think this chore chart could help us all be a lot happier with the game.

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