Everyday Love, the Art of Nidhi Chanani – Review

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I love my job, I get to send my little kids to the mail box everyday and when they open it, they get a new surprise. This past Friday they came running in with a large envelope pleading with me to open it. When I did, I was stunned by the bright art work that popped out at me.

I am a sucker for art.

Paintings by local artists, drawings that I still have at work from a friend years ago, photography that makes my heart ache and of course, art that tells a different story to everyone that sees it. That is how these drawings were for me and my kids.

EveryDay Love, the art of Nidhi Chanani has perfected this with her lovely site; these prints create a response from those who see them.  At 20$ for an 8 X 10 I think the price is reasonable, it would be a wonderful gift for a new parents or as a house-warming gifts for a new family.

Two mermaids say to me, my two little girls and their free spirit.


To them, it says Lets go swimming!

An elephant with little birds on its trunk, reminds me of myself with little kids twittering around me.


To them, it says Lets go to the zoo!

Seven pandas falling around, reminds me of my 7 kids on a daily basis.


To them, it says, I want a panda!

I want my daughters to grow up with these hanging from their walls. I want them to lie in their bed some afternoons and stare at all the things they see within the picture that they never saw when they were younger. I wish there were more things for young boys, something my son could look at and dream about when he has a quiet moment in his room.

Go ahead and check out her beautiful work and visit her Blog to see new stuff she has coming out.

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