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Do you use flash cards to help teach? When it comes to math, my son isn’t a fan. I’m sure that’s the truth for many kids; math really isn’t that fun. In order to keep kids motivated it’s up to parents and educators to come up with a fun, motivational way to get kids to try a little harder. Character themed flash cards usually fit that bill, that’s why I made these Adventure Time multiplication flash cards.

Adventure Time Multiplication Flash Cards

My son is a big fan of Adventure Time and so far he’s loving the flash cards. He really enjoys the characters and their quotes and that’s what I was going for. Sometimes all it takes to get their attention is a favorite character – Finn and Jake as well as Marceline and the Ice King help do that with these Adventure Time Multiplication Flash Cards.

To use the flash cards print out the sheet, cut along the green lines and fold on the blue lines. You can either glue or tape the flash cards together – I chose tape since I didn’t want the glue to warp the images or text. I’m also planning on laminating the Adventure Time Multiplication Flash Cards since they’re doing so well here. The younger kids will enjoy them too, I’m sure!

Get the Adventure Time Flash Cards

Adventure Time Flash Cards

You can use the blank Flash Cards for anything you’d like: multiplication, addition, vocabulary – the possibilities are endless. Just print them out and fill in the areas for what you’d like to use them for. There is space for 4 problems on each page so use that to decide how many pages to print.

You can buy the pre-filled printable Adventure Time Multiplication Flash Cards below. If multiplication isn’t what you’re looking for no problem – we can pre-fill the cards with anything you’d like, just let us know what you’re looking for. Also, be on the lookout for more character themed flash cards coming soon! If  you have any special requests just leave it in the comments. Please allow 24 hours from time of payment to delivery.

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