Say Goodbye to Dirty Floors with Bissell #CleanView

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This post is sponsored by Bissell who sent me the  BISSELL CleanView® Deluxe Vacuum with OnePass Technology™ to review. Even though I received the product and compensation, all opinions are my own.

If you have pets you’ve undoubtedly encountered pet hair. Well, unless  you have a hairless pet in which case, cool! I don’t have the fortune of having a hairless pet. In fact, my dog, Charlie, is in the midst of a massive shedding spree now. At first glance it’s not that noticeable but if you’re wearing white then, yeesh! We don’t strictly enforce the no furniture policy with Charlie so he’s on the sofa at least half the day. Sit on the couch with white on and his shedding is noticeable. Noticeable equates to embarrassing in this situation.

BISSELL CleanView® Deluxe Vacuum with OnePass Technology™

Once I noticed the abundance of dog hair embedded in my couch I investigated my carpet. Needless to say I try to limit the amount of time the kids spend on the carpet now. I swear there is more hair on my floor than was ever on his doggy body. Add 3 kids who love to run in and out on an hourly basis and my home isn’t nearly as clean as I’d like it.

I never realized just how gross my floor was until I tried out my new BISSELL CleanView® Deluxe Vacuum with OnePass Technology™. I tested out on the rug in my living room first and half of the canister was filled. The 8′ x 10′ carpet in my living room was housing enough dirt, hair and who knows what else to fill the dirt cup of the vacuum. Talk about embarrassing. This is more like shameful.

BISSELL CleanView® Deluxe Vacuum with OnePass Technology™

If I didn’t know better I’d think I never cleaned. The thing is I vacuum my living room every other day. My old vacuum never fills up as fast as the Bissell CleanView® Deluxe did, so I assumed I was doing a good job at keeping it clean. Yea – back to embarrassment. But I know those days are over; I never expected to be this happy about a vacuum.

Bissell CleanView® Deluxe Vacuum with OnePass Technology™ Features

BISSELL CleanView® Deluxe Vacuum with OnePass Technology™

The Bissell CleanView® Deluxe is extremely lightweight (it weighs only 15 pounds) and glides across surfaces with ease. It’s also a lot quieter than other vacuum’s I’ve used which is a biggie when you have kids. Those loud vacuum’s can really stress kids (and pets) out. The 27 foot power cord lets me vacuum more area without having to stop and find a new outlet. That’s beyond important; it lets me get done with my cleaning faster. I mean, I absolutely love this vacuum, but I would rather be doing something with the kids than cleaning.

I’ve had vacuums that promised suction but they all left me needing to go back and forth over the same spot to get it to even look clean. Bissell’s OnePass Technology isn’t just a promise. It’s very real and I and my floors are living proof of that. Cleaning gets done more thoroughly and quicker leaving lots more time for family and relaxation (I had almost forgot what that was!)

CleanView Deluxe

When the dirt cup is full or close to full dumping it is easy. I don’t have to get my hands dirty or worry about dust and dirt flying around. Simply place the cup over the trash and press to open – easy peasy.

What’s a vacuum without attachments right? With the BISSELL CleanView® Deluxe Vacuum with OnePass Technology™ you not only get the super powerful vacuum, but an arsenal of accessories to make sure your whole home gets a deep clean. There’s a 4″ Turbo Brush that happens to be my favorite thing ever. It lets me get all that dog hair off of my furniture and does wonders for the car too.

There’s also the 10” crevice tool and 11″ extension wand to get into those hard to reach corners, nooks and crannies. Perfect for window sills, creases in furniture, the ceiling etc.. Finally there’s the dusting brush that makes keeping window treatments pain-free. I also use that to clean my air conditioner filter!

 Get a Bissell

Head over to the Bissell website and check out all they have to offer. I highly recommend the BISSELL CleanView® Deluxe Vacuum with OnePass Technology™. My floors have never been cleaner and my embarrassment has gone away. You can also connect with Bissell through social media:

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