Pet Safety & Training with Nudges #NudgesMoments

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Did you know that the 4th of July is the largest day for dogs to run away due to being scared and overwhelmed? I didn’t know this until recently but I totally get it. Many people, myself included, take their pets everywhere they go. Charlie’s like a child to me and just like a child loud noises have a tendency to startle him. Between fireworks and the abundance of people around on the 4th of July I can definitely see how a dog can get scared and overwhelmed. This will be his first 4th of July and I’m making sure to take every precaution to make sure he’s safe and happy for the festivities. The main precaution? Making sure he’s trained by using healthy dog treats to motivate  him.

There are a few pet safety tips I’d like to share with you, especially since Summer is here and the 4th of July is right around the corner. Now is the ideal time to start training your dog with at least a few basic commands.

Training with Nudges #NudgesMoments

Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

  • Always make sure your dog has plenty of water, especially during those hot summer days. They’ll be drinking a lot so refills will happen often.
  • When travelling or with a group of people make sure your dog is on leash – no matter how well-behaved or trained (s)he is. It doesn’t take much to startle dogs, especially younger ones, and there’s no point in risking losing your dog when it can be avoided.
  • When watching fireworks displays or anywhere with open flames (cookout, bon fires etc..) make sure your dog is away from the fire. This means far enough away that a gust of wind wont blow a burning ember on or near him.
  • When watching fireworks calmly and repeatedly sooth your dog by petting and speaking softly to him. You may need to restrain them during peak launch moments and the finale.
  • Train your dog to at least obey sit, stay and down. The best way I’ve found to train a dog is with healthy dog treats.


When choosing dog treats I try to stick with those dog treats made in USA (see our shopping trip for Nudges here.) I’ve read and heard horror stories of other treats and wont risk my dogs health or life to save a few cents. Charlie loves chicken jerky for dogs and the best dog treats I’ve found so far are Nudges Dog Treats. He knows the sound of the bag; as soon as he hears it he comes running since he knows what’s about to happen.

Charlie goes through his routine effortlessly when Nudges are involved. Maybe a little too effortlessly since he’ll get started before we even give a command. I started training him as soon as we brought him home. The first command he learned was sit. This was pretty easy to teach, I just gently pressed on his backside while giving the command to “Sit!” He caught on very quickly. After sit he learned to lay down, stay, speak and shake (5 & 10 are the commands we use – 5 for one paw and 10 for both paws.) Making sure he’s trained was something I felt necessary, especially for outings and holidays like the 4th of July.

 #NudgesMoments #dogsofinstagram #dogtreats #cbiasThe only issue we have now is Charlie doesn’t like to listen when we’re outside. Inside he’s the perfectly trained dog; outside he’s a wild animal who answers to no one. Thankfully he’s learning and I give most of the credit for that to the Nudges. Even my 10-year-old wants to eat them! When you open the bag it smells like delicious jerky – mouth-watering even. While the price is a little steep I think it’s well worth it for a product that’s all natural and made in the US. Besides, like the rest of the kids, I only want what’s best for Charlie. There’s even a coupon to help save on the price of Nudges, get it from the Nudges website!

Training with Nudges #NudgesMoments

If you’re looking for more pet safety and training tips for the 4th of July be sure to join the #NudgesMoments Twitter party July 3, 2013  from  1-2 pm EST. There will also be some amazing prizes in the form of 5 $100 VISA Gift Cards! Head over here to learn more and to RSVP.

Also, head over to the Nudges Facebook page for a sweet contest starting July 1. Consumers will capture and share their dog’s “nudge” moments on the Nudges Facebook page as part of the “Share the Love” promotion for a chance to win prizes. You’ll find this promotion on a custom tag on the Nudges Facebook Page –

Tell Us: How do you train your dog and/or how do you make sure they’re safe on the 4th of July?

Check out this digital magazine to get great ideas for summer – You’ll see that Nudges is in it!


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    What a gorgeous dog! We also focused on preparing for safety using the treats for our campaign. Like you, this is our first 4th of July with fireworks with our dogs (we had them this time last year but there was a burn ban so no fireworks). I just want to be ready and for them to have obedience despite distraction on their minds.

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    Great tips. We are planning to get our first dog late this summer or early fall so i’m reading all kinds of dog training posts right now. :)

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    I had no idea that the 4th of the July was the most common day for dogs to run away in the US – it makes sense though. I assume it would be the same as with dogs in Canada on July 1st, Canada day.

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