Learning a Valuable Lesson with @MasterCard #MC #AcceptanceMatters

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I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. When you’re travelling with a credit card abroad or nearby, acceptance matters. This story is direct proof of how important what you carry in your wallet is. For me, I carry MasterCard – I’ve learned my lesson and maybe you can learn from my mistakes.


Have you ever watched a movie where the characters are out eating dinner and have one of those Uh-Oh moments where they realize they can’t pay? Then you see them in the back washing dishes to work off their bill. That’s what I hate about movies – they are so not real! Restaurants aren’t really keen on not getting paid. I know this first hand from our last trip to Florida where we were put in that awkward position of not being able to pay for our meal.

Tiki Bar #MC #AcceptanceMatters

It was our 2nd night in Miami and we found an amazing Tiki Bar that we instantly fell in love with. We wined and dined and had a ton of fun and then that inevitable moment rolled around. That moment where the server brings the check to the table and the bill gets paid. Things were so amazing up to the point where the server brought back the check, with the credit card, with no receipt and without getting paid. “I’m sorry, we don’t take this credit card.” 

Miami #MC #AcceptanceMatters

Most people would have a backup card to prevent even further embarrassment. Notice that operative word – most.  When this happened I was a 20 something girl just having fun on vacation with friends. I was in Florida with my dad’s credit card which was a big deal for me. Sadly it wasn’t a credit card that was taken at that restaurant or, as I would later find out, many others. We weren’t given the option of working off our bill, but instead had to send 1 person back to our hotel to get money wired to them. That’s not all though, before they left they had to leave their wallet for good measure. 


It was such an embarrassing moment and resulted in one of the best financial choices I have made to date. See, after that experience I realized I never wanted to live through that again. I did a lot of research and settled on the one card I knew would never let me down – MasterCard. Since that time I no longer carry any plastic in my wallet unless it has the MasterCard logo and I’m sure my friends learned the same lesson.

key biscayne

So, the moral of this story is that MasterCard is the only card that’s accepted everywhere. While other cards have to compete you can’t go wrong with MasterCard in your wallet. Take it from me and save yourself the embarrassment of getting in a tight spot. When you travel, make sure MasterCard is travelling with you – no vacation is complete without it! To see more of my vacations where MasterCard is my favorite companion check out my Google+ Album.



  1. says

    We just went through this when traveling through Canada. I was SO glad to have a MasterCard on hand as other cards we use were not accepted. I won’t leave home without it now.

  2. Sara Pirate (@CleverPirate) says

    Oh goodness, how awful! MC is the only card I use for this reason, it really is accepted anywhere and everywhere!

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