How to Decorate a Baby Room; Practical Tips to Get It Just Right

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Having a BabyCongrats!  You have just found out that you are going to have a baby.  Whether it is your first or a second it is time to decorate a nursery. While many parents today choose to know the gender of their child right away, some want to be surprised by nature. While not knowing if you are having a boy or a girl can make nursery decorating a challenge it does not make it impossible. There are a lot of things you can do to design a general neutral nursery and still make it beautiful and everything you would want for your baby.

First steps to Decorate a Baby Room

Before you launch fully into the decorating process for your nursery you will want to choose a starting point. One of the things that many parents find makes the best first step is to choose a color palette that is unique or a fun fabric that will make the nursery special.

When choosing a unisex color keep the choices soothing blues and work wonderfully for boys and girls. Yellow is one of the happiest colors you can choose for your nursery and mixes well with other colors. You can mix and match with blue trims, greens and even purples depending on what you personally would favor for your new little bundle of joy.

Now the Details

Once you have picked the colors to go with you can turn to fun designs. Fabric is the best way to add in splashes of different designs and you can find them in so many colors and at affordable prices. Paisley, gingham and nice plush chenille make fantastic choices for adding to furniture pieces and bedding for the crib. Don’t be afraid to mix and match be a little daring and go with what you feel is right. It is okay to have something different then everyone else would have.How to decorate a baby room

If you are thinking about a theme for the nursery instead of a general look consider something like nursery rhymes or playful baby animals. If you stick to something like bunnies or teddy bears or zoo animals they won’t have a gender specific theme to them.

Remember the time

When you are decorating you should also keep in mind the evolution that the nursery is going to take as the time goes by. It’s a space that will change and be modified numerous times in the months and years ahead. Once you know what gender your baby is you can add those small touches that make it that much more personal for you. It is important to focus on the things that will make the space comfortable and inviting for you and baby. Don’t stress about the little things like a fancy lampshade. Having a simple white lampshade that you can later add a little organza bow or something to will work perfectly.

No matter which route you decide to go down for decorating in your nursery always try to keep yourself happy while doing it. Making a list of some of your favorite sites for ideas and shopping is always a good idea.  It is easy to visit sites like House Junkie, for example, and browse for items and ideas while you’re decorating. Don’t forget to pick out some fantastic picture frames and leave space for them on the walls and surfaces. You will fill up all of those frames with memories once the baby comes home.

Once the room is designed and ready, there’s nothing to do but wait!  Now you have time for other decisions such as when you are going to put the little one into their own room and move them out of your bedroom. Mumsnet is always a good source of guidance on this kind of matter. You will sleep better but it certainly won’t be easy to let go!

Enjoy this time!  Rest while you can and get ready for the exciting changes that come from a new addition to the family!

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