How to Choose the Right Yoga Pants & Gaiam Wrap Waist Yoga Pants Review

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Do you know how to choose the right yoga pants? I’ll help you find the perfect pair for you and tell you about the pair of Wrap Waist Yoga Pants I received from Gaiam.

Gaiam Wrap Waist Yoga Pants

Whether you’re at the gym or in your living room, the clothes you wear during a workout play a key role in how you feel. Let’s face it, we go through a lot of effort to get that “carefree” heading to the gym look. While we’re not necessarily going with the purpose to impress anyone, feeling good about ourselves impacts our performance. I’m always more energized when I look/feel at least a little put together – which leads to a more energized workout.

Have you ever tried doing yoga while wearing sweats? I made that mistake once, then it clicked – I knew what was so great about yoga pants. Se, when I stretched my arms, arched my back or bent over/backwards for any period of time my pants would start to roll. By roll I’m referring to the waistband slowly making its way down my legs. Luckily I avoided showing off the Full Monty to anyone  behind me but can everyone say the same?

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect yoga pants there are a few key points to keep in mind:


How to Choose the Right Yoga Pants

Price – The first thing most people look at before any purchase is the price tag. I’ve seen yoga  pants sell for $100+ and to me that seems crazy. Of course you’d expect to pay around $60 for a high quality pair of yoga pants, but $100? No way!

Material – Yet another feature to keep in mind when choosing yoga pants is the material used to make them. Ideally you want the material to have wicking capabilities to keep you dry and prevent chaffing. I also look for pants made with a little Spandex to allow for that extra give for those bloated days (you know what I’m talking about!)

Fit – The second feature to look for is how the yoga pant fit. You want them to be snug, but not constricting and flowing but not falling off. The ideal yoga pants will move with you while you’re working out, doing yoga or anything else without being uncomfortable. There are also yoga pants designed with tummy control and jiggle control in mind – those are my favorites!

The Wrap Waist Yoga Pants from Gaiam covers all the bases when shopping for yoga pants. They move and stretch as you do yet stay where they’re suppose to stay. They’re incredibly comfortable and look amazing. I’m guilty of wearing them out and about just because I never want to take them off.

Something else I truly love about the yoga pants from Gaiam is their use of material. Gaiam Wrap Waist Yoga PantsTheir yoga pants are made from 100% organic cotton, light sustainable bamboo, and high-performance recycled polyester. They’re also very eco-conscious in their manufacturing methods and don’t use harsh chemicals or softeners. They do use low eco-impact dyes – <3 – heart!

The beauty of the Wrap Waist Yoga Pants from Gaiam is they are as fashionable as they are functional. They wash amazingly too. I’ve had other yoga pants that shrunk in the wash, but not these. These come out of the wash just like they come out of the package after receiving them. I can highly recommend these yoga pants and absolutely love the pair I received!

Shop & Connect With GaiamGaiam Wrap Waist Yoga Pants

You can shop for the Wrap Waist Yoga Pants as well as other Gaiam products on their website. You can also connect with Gaiam on Facebook and Twitter.

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