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I came across a Suspended Coffee share on Facebook and instantly fell in love with the concept. The general idea is while you’re visiting a local coffee shop you order your own coffee and 1 or more suspended coffee. You pay for your order and walk away with your coffee, leaving behind any suspended coffee order. That suspended coffee order stays on hold until someone comes in to ask about a suspended coffee. At that point the person will receive a fresh cup of hot coffee.

Suspended Coffee - Start a Trend in Your City #PayItForward #Charity

In a time where times are hard for many the thought of this trend catches on lifts my heart. We don’t have a lot of homeless people where I live, but there are a few. It hurts my heart knowing there are people, families who struggle so much. A trend such as the suspended coffee trend is one I hope spreads like wildfire.

I don’t see why the trend has to stop with coffee – why not a bagel, sandwich, tea, hot chocolate, soup – the possibilities are truly limited only by you. I know many people struggle with giving money to the homeless – not necessarily because they don’t have it, but for fear of how it will be spent. The Suspended concept allows one to make sure someone will have a hot beverage or maybe even hot, fresh food.

Will you be starting a trend in your city or town? You don’t have to wait or try to find somewhere that does this. Head into a coffee shop, bakery, deli, restaurant near you and pitch the concept to them. Explain how it would benefit them (nothing out of their pocket, be seen as playing a role in social good) and see how they respond.  If they’re not open to it, move to another establishment. This is something we can do as a nation and be proud of.


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    This concept is a beautiful way to help meet human needs! Many people in need can be overlooked by those who do not understand the depth of homelessness/poverty. Little steps like this really can change the way a community functions.

    I think this is a great way to help get food to people who really need it, as an alternative to handing out cash. Thank you for taking time to share this!

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