11 Snow Day Activities

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So, here it is March and it’s still calling for snow in some parts of the country – crazy, right? What’s a mom to do when she’s exhausted all of the previous snow day activities on the bucket list? How do you entertain those crazy kids when school gets called due to snow? You head to Pinterest and find some new stuff, that’s what!11 Snow Day Activities

Here’s a collection of 11 snow day activities that you can entertain your home-bound kids with. Have a snow day activity that I missed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!

 Decorate snow covered cars

I love this idea, how creative can you get?

Create a Snowman Family

Great idea for when it’s just too cold to stay outside.

 Make Sparkly Play Dough

Isn’t it pretty?! I love sparkles <3

Make Snowman Cupcakes

Source: voices.yahoo.com via Andriana on Pinterest

What better way to spend a snow day than inside baking? Okay, after typing that I realize how bad it may sound.

Tie Dye a Snoman

Source: howdoesshe.com via Kaitlyn on Pinterest

How sweet is this tie dyed snowman? I know what I’m doing if we get enough snow!

DIY Snow Day Costumes

Source: fullplatecookinglessons.blogspot.com via eila on Pinterest

Hand the kids some tape and let them create their own costumes. Sounds so cheap and easy, I love it.

Make Snow Taffy

Source: mamabear.ca via Sarah on Pinterest

I’ve never heard of this, which makes it even better.

Make Snow Cream, Duh!

Source: backtothecuttingboard.com via Shannon on Pinterest

I don’t care if you live in the Arctic – if you’re not making snow cream daily, what’s wrong with you?!

Make an Upside Down Snowman

Source: saratogamama.com via Miranda on Pinterest

When your neighbors see this the entire block will be filled with upside down snowmen – look out!

Make these Cute Snowmen

Source: mrsjacksonsclasswebsiteblog.blogspot.com via Britta on Pinterest

Good enough to eat, nuff said.

Take ’em Fishing

Source: redtri.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Who needs ice fishing when you can take the kids fishing right in the bathroom? I love, love, love this idea.

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