Tips for Ultimate Garage Organization: From the View of a Man

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Having walked into several garages and found the small man cave a complete tip with dirt and grease everywhere, and no hope of finding any tool you may want; one would have thought it would be a good idea to organize a garage into a neat, tidy and spectacular looking room where everything has a place. Well, this is actually possible, it’s just that a lot of people don’t know how or even where to start.

It may sound a little crazy but garages can even be decorated; we’re not talking flock wallpaper and carpets however, just a little monochrome checker board paint on the floors to make it warmer (literally and aesthetically) and give it a bit of grease proofing whilst you’re at it. A garage floor takes a lot of rough abuse in any garage so it’s well worth protecting by giving it something to make it warmer.

It is a good idea to put down tile flooring, similar to the floors you may see in the Formula One racing car championships’ garages; if they’re good enough for those high performance cars, they’re good for yours! You may want to give it a dark grey coloring rather than a white as you’ll inevitably get tire marks on the floor and you may want to invest in rubber runners on the floor area where the car is usually parked.Garage-organization-style

Shelving and cabinets in the garage must be all about the motor vehicle; we don’t want to see pots and watering cans here (unless they house small nuts and bolts used on the car) and keep tools away for that space hanging on the wall. It may look tidy to see all your chrome spanners and torque wrenches neatly lined up on your wall but they are far better housed inside its metal box; this prevents rusting and moisture damage to the metal.

This neat and wonderful organization in your garage does not have to be so staid and it is not a bad idea to hang up a few nice pictures on your garage wall. Make sure you keep them appropriate like a vintage gas station sign, a 1950’s racing car, a picture of an old Chevy or anything you might think suitable.

An organized garage is easily kept in such a way if the décor is right, try for wooden doors as these really do make a statement saying your garage is organized. 


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