Hallmark Until we Hug Again & More Valentine’s Goodies

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Hallmark is an amazing card company, and I can remember receiving cards made by Hallmark as a child.  They were also so much prettier than the cheap ones.

Today, Hallmark offers so much more to show your love for your kids, spouse, or just about anyone you can think of.  Today they offer Christmas ornaments, plush toys, and so much more.  Now they’re offering some very special items just for you.

Hallmark Valentine’s Day Gifts 

TheUntil We Hug Again” plush toy from Hallmark is a great addition to your child’s stuffed animal collection, especially if you work long distances, or even for your baby when you go back to work.  You can also use the toy to send to a grandma or aunt, and let your child send their voice over thousands of miles to a family member who misses them!  Press its paw, and you can record your voice, so that your child can be soothed when they miss you!  The choices are a brown or blue bear or a pink bunny.Until We Hug Again plush toy

The bear itself is super cuddly and soft; I can’t help but touch and rub it. The recording quality is great – crisp and clear voices that are sure to get your message across. I would love to get this gift myself, so I know others will as well.

The Special Delivery Card Presenter is new this season for Valentine’s Day.  Featuring the iconic Pooh Bear, Spiderman, Snoopy, Monsters and Minnie Mouse these brightly colored envelopes are sure to delight your child.  They can even keep the envelopes to give away later, or keep as a great keepsake, or even play with them, since children have great imaginations!

Hallmark Valentine's Day Cards

Hallmark has also come out with a new line of Valentine cards just for kids!  Show your love for your little one with a card that relates directly to them.  No more cards that speak to the older generations…Now you can buy a great card that you, and your child will love!  Send it in the mail, and they will be even more delighted, because hey, every child loves to get mail, even if it’s from mom or dad!

You can find thee items and more at a Hallmark retailer near you. If you would like to learn more or find the nearest retail location visit www.Hallmark.com. You can also connect with Hallmark on Facebook and Twitter.

Win It

Hallmark is giving one of our lucky readers a prize pack with everything seen above:

  • Until We Hug Again: Miss a special child? Record your voice into a cuddly Until We Hug Again bunny or bear and they’ll be able to hear your words each time they give the plush a hug. These also make great gifts for grandparents or aunts and uncles who want to send their voice to a beloved child across the miles.
  •  Special Delivery Card Presenters for Kids: These cute critters and characters  have Valentine messages tucked inside. After a child removes the valentine, he or she can keep this little friend around to store little reminders of how much they’re loved.   
  • Valentine’s Day Greetings for Kids: Tell a special little one what makes him or her your Valentine with kid-friendly Valentine’s Day greetings.

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says

    I love the Until we hug again Bear, so cute! I’d give to my granddaughters because we are in different states so…perfect!

  2. Audra Weathers says

    My favorite is the Until We Hug Again bear. My daughter would also like the Hi There Cutie Minnie Mouse card.


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