Top 10 Organizational Products I Love

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I used to think in order to get organized I had to spend tons of time and money. That’s simply not true. I’ve found that with a few organizational products I can get organized quicker and easier than before. The fact that most of these organizational products are $10 or less is just icing on the cake.Organizational Products

Here are my top 10 must have organizational products:

1. Lid Maid Lid Organizer. My pots and pains are kept under a counter. I used to lose the lids within a week of putting them in there. It was insane – to the point I was using tinfoil to cover them. This Lid Organizer helps make sure the lids stay put and my pots & pans can always be covered. It easily mounts to the cabinet door so it doesn’t take up valuable space.

2. Organize It All 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Spice Rack. If you do any home cooking you undoubtedly have spices in your cabinets. Digging around trying to find the spices and herbs you’re looking for can be a pain. Having a handy spice rack is a huge help – added bonus when it’s stylish. When it comes to kitchen organizational products, this is a must.

3. Toy Hammock. If you have kids they most likely have toys. Lots of toys. Stuffed animals, dolls, toy guns, and various odds and ends an accumulate on the floor and turn the room into a danger zone. A Toy Hammock can hold all of those things and keep them off the floor – thus keeping your kids’ rooms better organized. Bedroom organizational products like this come in handy.

4. Sterilite 1.2 – Quart Latch Box. If you have kids and/or do a bit of crafting these are a must have. These are perfect for holding crayons, craft supplies, small toys, building blocks and so much more. They stack nicely and since they’re compact you can put them pretty much anywhere. Walmart also has $4 – $6 totes in store that I keep holiday decorations in. It makes switching themes so much easier.

5. Undershelf Drawer. There is so much space left once everything is placed in a cabinet. You know, that space up top – wouldn’t it be nice if you could utilize that space for storage and organization? Now you can! The undershelf drawer mounts to the top and pulls out when you need it. I have 1 in each of my floor level cabinets, a very helpful organizational products.

6. Closet Doubler. What wouldn’t I give to have one of those celebrity closets you see on TV. Instead, I have a tiny, cramped closet that’s shared by 2 people. Being able to double our space gives me the ability to buy more clothes and still have room for his. 

7. Shower Caddy. I don’t even remember life before a shower caddy. If not a corner spring mount caddy, then most definitely an over the shower head caddy. They hold your soap, shampoo, body wash, loofah and more.

8. Kitchen Corner Organizer. If you’re working with limited space for your dishes, this is a life/space saver. It fits in the corner of your cabinet, hutch or wherever and gives you 3 layers of storage. No more having to lift saucers and bowls off the plates to serve dinner.

9.  Magazine/Paper Organizer. We receive several monthly magazines between the family. It’s easy to lose track of them and have the get destroyed. The magazine organizer prevents that. I also use one to keep important files and mail on hand.

10. 20 Pocket Shoe Storage. Do I really need to explain why you need this?! It hangs in your closet, keeps your shoes organized and takes up very little space. The next time someone tells you there’s no room for more shoes you can laugh at them. 

Well, that’s my list of my favorite, must have Organizational Products – what’s on your list?


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    What a great list. I find it hard not to immediately run to the store when I want to organize something. Nice to know these helpful products are bargain priced!


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