Home Inspiration: Bathroom Organization

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Bathroom Organization: Shelves

Shelves are one of the best ways to start bathroom organization. You have several options when it comes to shelving, the easiest being buying pre-made shelves that you just hang yourself. Something like the Prepac Sonoma Black Entryway Cubbie Shelf would be perfect.Bathroom Organization - Shelves

While it’s marketed for gloves, hats, jackets etc… it can be very versatile. Use the hooks to hang damp towels and/or robes. Use the cubbies to hold washcloths, clean towels, bath accessories, shaving products and even makeup. You could go even further by placing items on top.

If you’re more handy, Better Homes & Gardens has a great tutorial on creating your own bathroom shelves.


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    I will be working on my bathroom this weekend – need to get it organized! I prefer wall-mounted things, like that white cabinet to things that are on the floor…feels less cluttered


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