DIY Valentine’s Day Mailbox Craft

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Do you remember being in grade school and exchanging Valentine’s Day Cards with classmates? Those were great times, weren’t they? It was the perfect way to tell that special someone how you felt without risking embarrassment.

As a parent, I love picking out Valentine’s Day Cards with the kids. What I don’t care for is the disorganized mess that comes home from school on Valentine’s Day. You know, the gazillion cards that the kids bring home. It’s no surprise to find Valentine’s Day Cards tucked in the couch while decorating for fall! This year we made a Valentine’s Day Mailbox to keep those cards from finding themselves scattered throughout the house. They were super simple to make and we only used items from my Dollar Store Craft Basket!Dollar Store Craft Basket

 Here’s What We Used:

  • 5 4in x 6in Foam Sheets
  • 2 Foam Sticks
  • 1 Valentine’s Day Pick
  • Duck Tape

Here’s How We Did It:

Valentine's Day Mailbox Step 1

  • Start by cutting 1 of the 5 foam sheets in half.

Valentine's Day Mailbox Step 2

  • Glue or Tape the whole pieces together to form an open ended box.

Valentine's Day Mailbox Step 3

  • Work the 2 halves into either side, making sure to secure both bottoms and sides with glue or tape.

Valentine's Day Mailbox Step 4

  • Glue or tape the flag of your choice (we used a Valentines Pick) to one of the foam sticks. Glue the foam sticks to both long sides of the mailbox.

You and/or your kids can decorate he mailbox however. I used Duck Tape for this project because I couldn’t find my tacky glue. It works, though because you can see where/how I attached the pieces!

DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox Craft


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    I remember in grade school we created little Valentine’s Day boxes like these to keep all of the cards we would receive on Valentine’s Day. I don’t think I’ve even thought about them again until now, but it’s a great idea to make them with your kids to keep all of those small cards!


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