5 Potty Training Tips

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Potty Training Tip 5: Come on, Get Happy!

Let your child see the excitement and fun that comes with using the potty. Make potty time a big deal and they’ll be more likely to want to use the potty. 

4 ways to build up potty hypeHappy Potty Training

  • Make up a song. Use a sing-song silly song to encourage your child to use the potty. Sure, you can use a pre-written song from a video, but a personal song is so much better!
  • Make up a dance. Similar to a song, a potty dance is fun and exciting. Dance around with your child before and after potty time. 
  • Throw a party. Seriously. Using the potty is a big achievement, it should be celebrated! Throw a party and invite your mommy friends & family to celebrate.
  • Give lots of praise. Every time your child uses the potty make a big deal of it. Hug them, kiss them, buy them a pony. Okay, maybe not a pony but you get the point. 

Celebrating milestones is not only fun for kids, but a great excuse for mom and dad to dote on kids. You’ll get bragging rights, entries for the baby book and lots of new status updates! 

If you could give one piece of potty training advice to fellow parents, what would it be?


  1. says

    Great potty training tips! Potty training is one of the more frustrating experiences for parents (new or experienced). We share tips of our own too. Thank you for this list.

  2. Liza @ Views From the 'Ville says

    I love the flushable wipes suggestion! My daughter wants to pull TP off to wipe at least five times per potty trip, and not just one square!


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