5 Potty Training Tips

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Potty Training Tip 2: Be Prepared

It’s possible that your child will be ready for potty training before you are. The best thing you can do is start preparing as soon as they start walking and talking. Seriously. 

5 potty training aides to have on hand

  • A potty chair. A lot of toddlers are scared to sit on the toilet for fear of falling in. Potty chairs are available for relatively cheap and if they help to pick it out it’s even better. Potty Training Tip
  • Big Kid Underwear. Much like a training bra is a rite of passage for tween girls, big kid underwear are a must have for toddlers. The cool characters and the general feeling of being a big kid is terrific motivation.
  • Toilet Targets. Potty training boys is a little trickier than potty training girls. Especially once you get to the standing up to pee part. Their aim isn’t always the best and these help correct that.
  • Flushable Wipes. Using the potty is only half of potty training. Cleaning up behind themselves is the other part. Encourage good hygiene with wipes that are gentle and easy to use. These are also a great way to cut paper waste during potty training.
  • Pull-Ups. The transition from diaper to big kid underwear can be a messy one. Adding pull-ups in between can save laundry time and feelings. The beauty of pull-ups is they act like big kid underwear where they can be pulled up and down, but it’s not as big of a deal if these get wet.

Now, I’m not saying you need to start pushing the potty on them at this time, just have the right resources available. 


  1. says

    Great potty training tips! Potty training is one of the more frustrating experiences for parents (new or experienced). We share tips of our own too. Thank you for this list.

  2. Liza @ Views From the 'Ville says

    I love the flushable wipes suggestion! My daughter wants to pull TP off to wipe at least five times per potty trip, and not just one square!


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