Wowopolis Review

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Every now and then you find a product that is just perfect because it is educational yet actually run and age appropriate. I’ve found one of those with Wowopolis! I received for the purpose of review a Puzzle Match game and Colorgami Alphabet Pops. 

puzzle matchNow, my own kids are too old for alphabet toys (except the twins who are still too young), but they enjoyed playing the match game to test it out before giving these to a cousin for Christmas! The match game is so cool because it’s not simply matching exact pictures – it’s making connections and putting halves of pictures together! 

alphabet popIt’s played like a memory game. The difference is, you aren’t looking for an exact match. If you have the left side of the crab, you need the right side of the crab to finish the picture. The pictures you complete are beautifully illustrated as well!

memoryIn addition to that, the pieces connect to form a puzzle, so a child can play alone and still receive immediate feedback as to whether his answer is correct. This makes it a fantastic quiet time activity for when Mom is preparing dinner or working with another child, or it means brothers can play together and stay entertained for a length of time. That means the world in my house!

puzzleAll in all, my kids really enjoyed playing with this and have asked if we can get some games that are more on their level. They plan on playing with their cousin when he opens it on Christmas Eve, and since they seldom play with this cousin without fighting, I’m looking forward to some Christmas peace this year! 


You can find Wowopolis products at their online store, at Amazon, at and at Barnes & Noble. You can connect with them on Facebook and on Twitter.


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