What to Do New Years Eve

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December 31st brings us a lot to celebrate. The memories of the previous 364 days, the coming of a new year and for some – saying good-bye to a crappy year. If you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering what to do New Years Eve. There are tons of options, but which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at our options, shall we?

What to Do on New Years Eve: With Kids | When You’re Single | As a Couple


What to Do on New Years Eve with Kids – 7 Ideas


What to do on New Years Eve with Kids


  • Pass out pens and index cards to everyone able to write. Ask them to write 1 great memory from the year every hour (starting when you’d like.) Once midnight strikes, take turns reading each others memories.
  • Plan a movie marathon of your families favorite movies.
  • Break out the board games and play ’til you drop.
  • Create your own New Years Eve ball with ribbon, toilet paper, or Papier-mâché. Designate a ball dropper to release it at midnight. You can celebrate on a different time zone if the kiddy’s are on a strict sleep schedule.
  • Bake a Cake and let the kids decorate it however they’d like. Then eat it!
  • Discuss, as a family, what you’d like to see happen/change in the New Year.
  • Make a time capsule and fill it with favorite toys & trinkets from the current year. Set a time to open the capsule (1 year, 5 years, 10 years later…)


What to Do on New Years Eve when You’re Single – 7 Ideas


Single on New Years Eve


  • Gather your single friends and go bar hopping.
  • Gather your single friends and have a girls/guys night in.
  • Get dressed up and find an awesome party.
  • Break out the DVR and re-watch your favorite shows from the year.
  • Make a list of all the things you hope to do in the next year. Add notes on how you can meet your goals.
  • Book yourself on a single’s cruise.
  • Find a public New Years Eve Party. Go to said party and find another single, attractive person. Propose that the 2 of you share a midnight kiss – just to get the year started off right. Who knows where it may lead! Make sure to check for cold sores so it doesnt’ lead to herpes. 


What to Do on New Years Eve as a Couple – 7 Ideas


What to do on New Years Eve as a Couple


  • Check your local newspaper, coffee shop and/or post office for public New Years Eve parties.
  • Call different restaurants in your area and see if they have any New Years Eve specials.
  • Practice your New Years Eve kiss…repeatedly.
  • Throw your own New Years Eve party and invite friends & family.
  • Write on index cards where you each want your relationship to be in the New Year. If it’s a new relationship, you could write your favorite memory of the other instead. No pressure!
  • Prepare a romantic dinner at home and enjoy it by candle light.
  • Use your imagination!


What are you planning to do for New Years Eve?



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