Vapur Reusable Water Bottles Review

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If you are someone who is conscious of  of waste and hates to consume bottle after bottle of water – even hate paying for the silly stuff since most of it is just bottled tap water anyway – but you need a solution for that on-the-go person in your life, even for the kids, look no further than Vapur!

 vapur bottle

I received for the purpose of review two types of bottles from Vapur. I received one of the Element style bottles for my oldest son and two of the Quenchers for my middle boys. We are a scouting family and have been since my brother started scouts – two years prior to my oldest son being technically old enough to join the group. With these three boys in scouts and another one coming up behind them, we’re in this for the long-haul and try to keep our camping and outdoors supplies well stocked.

quencher bottles

These bottles will definitely become the go-to products for us! They are well made and hold plenty of water, but most importantly when they are empty they are foldable into a very small space! If you have any familiarity with Boy Scouts, you know that they carry everything with them, and leave nothing behind, so something that gets smaller and is reusable is a big deal.


The Element holds .7 liters and the Quenchers hold .4 liters of liquid. They are freezable and even dishwasher safe! Who’d have thunk! I think the Quenchers are super cute because they come with stickers so your kids can personalize them! There’s even a spot on the back to write their name; these are perfect for packing in your kids’ lunch boxes for school. Also, the Element top is easy to open (but not so easy it would do so by itself), and I like the sport top on the kid Quencher. Perfect mouth spots for jus tthe right people who will be using each one!

bottle stickers



With all the waste out there these days and the horrors of the plastics available for drinking,  this just makes sense. They are good for 3 to 4 years and only $12 each. There are plenty of varieties on the website store, including the Reflex bottles which are sized between these two, and the Runsway set which have some super adorable designs (and even cost a little less)! Be sure to check out Vapur online and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. Also, for a limited time, Vapur is offering 20% off Quenchers on their website with the promo code “Quenched” so go ahead and order a couple for everyone!


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