Soap Time!

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I received for the purpose of review a nice kit from Soap Time! I was so happy to see all of the product included with this kit. It’s the same as the kit available for purchase HERE on their website, and includes the base and one each of the three cute soap bottles they offer.


The one we’ve gotten out to use is the Earth dispenser. I hadn’t realized that the base lights up when you push on the soap! It’s so fun! But, not only does it light up, it sings and tells you fun facts related to the dispenser itself – so this one talks about the earth. It keeps going for 20 seconds – the time your chil is supposed to spend washing their hands, so it keeps them washing for long enough. I cannot tell you how much of a saver this is at my house! It stops all fighting about, “Mom! He didn’t wash his hands!” “Yes I did!” “He barely got them wet!” Or even the occasional, “Mom! He won’t hurry and move so I can wash my hands too!” All problems solved!


The soap lathers up nicely, and smells super clean. The earth dispenser soap smells like apples!


The other bottles are a cute bear and a stack of alphabet blocks, and each has their own music and facts to keep kids at the sink as well as their own clean scent. Refills are available on the site too, and I’m sure my kids will be asking for them when our last bottle gets low. They definitely are loving this and it’s great to know that they are actually spending the time to get their hands clean! YAY!


You can purchase Soap Time at their site and at Target, and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Soap Time is offering a kit like this to one winner! Enter below!

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  1. Stephanie says

    I couldn’t find the scents either, but I love the ABC blocks one! Something with a lavender scent or fresh and fruity scent (if they have it).

  2. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt says

    I also found the dino squirt guns which my sons would LOVE. I like Lavender. Someone mentioned peppermint? Didn’t see that but love peppermint too!

  3. Janette Rupple says

    I really like the sound of the Lavender scent with the elephant but I like the idea of the citrus scent on the ABC one too. No matter what i feel like it is a really neat concept and would love to win one!


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