Li’l Helper Review

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I got to try Li’l Helper baby bottle holder with my cousin Addie.  I have to say it impressed me.  All you do is put it on your baby’s bottle and then give it to him/her.  The way it is made, it can rest right on your baby’s tummy and it gives the bottle, in my opinion, the perfect vertical lift.  It also makes the bottle lighter and where the handles are so small, it is very easy for your baby to hold on to.

L'il Helper Review

Also, L’il Helper keeps the bottle at just the right angle, so the nipple stays full to where less air can get in.  I love that because less air means less gas. :D

Addie also loved playing with this even without her bottle.  It has a rattle and Addie would hit it on her bassinet floor, listen to it make a noise and then she would laugh.  It was so much fun watching her play with it. 

Li'l Helper Review

The Li’l Helper baby bottle holder is BPA-free and it fits most bottles.  It matches natural nursing posture and encourages development.  It is easy to use and it frees up parents for multitasking. That makes life so much easier for mommy and daddy. It is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and perfect for travel.  I know I have tried feeding my kids while going down the road and it was rough.  With the Li’l Helper baby bottle holder, you just slip it on over the bottle and let your baby feed him or herself.  Now that is wonderful! 

Li'l Helper Review

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