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If you know me then you know I can’t stand being unorganized. I have three children. A almost six year old, four year old, and one year old. Sometimes I honestly feel overwhelmed with my house. I use to have a place for everything and everything was always in it’s place. However, if you are a mom then you know sometimes that’s impossible  I would get so frustrated with myself because I wouldn’t know what to do or where to start. 

That’s where, Absolutely Organize Your Family comes into play. It is written byDebbie Lillard. Debbie is a professional organizer, who has appeared on A&E’s Hoarders and HGTV’s Mission: Organization as well as radio shows across the US, Canada and England. And she runs her own organizing business Space to Spare since 2003.

I was very excited to get Absolutely Organize Your Family. I needed the help. I needed a guide. This book fit my needs in more than one way. The first thing I noticed was how the book was organized. I find it hard to sit down and read a book from start to end. I often catch myself rereading things. But this book is different. I was able to pick a section that I wanted to read and read it for 15 minutes (or so) and put the book down. I didn’t have to reread anything the next time I picked it up. Another thing I loved about the book was these green boxes that she had on several different pages. Each box contained a simple suggestion that will help you understand your family and make organizing things a little easier. I love how she divides things up by problem and by solution. At the end she provides a time management worksheet and a room worksheet. I have a odd need where I need to write things down in order to understand and retain a lot of information. So having the worksheets helped me out a lot!! 

I love Absolutely Organize Your Family! It’s easy to read, helpful, and a must have for every mom and wife out there. But why stop there you should check her other books out: Absolutely Organize and A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization. I know I will be checking them out!! 

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