1. becky hartmann says

    It IS a “Cookie Thing”, Baby! I had my first experience with THE Cookie Thing about a month ago. I was rolling out pie crust for an Apple Gallette, oh my, what an amazing tool. My friends laughed as I enthusiastically called out, “I can’t mess it up, I am trying, AND I can’t mess it up!” They laughed as they know my personality, I have a knack for “messing” things up. The crust was perfectly even, no valleys or canyons to fall apart, wonderful!

    As the old saying goes, ” try it, you will like it”!


  2. says

    Thank you so very much! I love this! You know what I love the most….you got from the product exactly what my heart wants everyone that loves to bake see and understand. I am so thrilled to read your words and thoughtful considerations of many aspects of this product. You are so correct about the precision and when my husband said I could get solid maple to work with the 1/8th for pies, oh my! My friends love it for pie crust now. Thank you so very much for expressing it all so well. Happy baking to everyone! – Susan Butler

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